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Lead generation is tricky to average person, our team has proven time and time again how our three-stage advertising strategy combined with email sequences pay the highest fruit in terms of lead response rate, lead quality and most importantly sales ROI.

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SaaS & Apps

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Proven Niche Specific Lead Generation Systems That Work Every Time

We help businesses in a various niches grow using top lead generation strategies and funnels made to maximize results. Our Montreal team has a proven track record of helping businesses grow via ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, & Google, making us amongst the top lead generation agencies in Montreal and North America.

How We Do It

Our six core advertising methodologies allow us to only get you started quickly and allow you to scale easily, they also ensure consistency and budget maximization.

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Funnel Building

We create an appropriate funnel structure for consumers to discover your brand and present them with different ads for their respective consumer stage.

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Persona Targeting

Using advanced targeting applications, we narrow down who your audience is and how to target them amongst tens of thousands of interests and segments on platforms.

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Creative Enhancement

Using artificial intelligence, we test out all possible combinations of your visuals, texts and links to find the highest converting ad combination to maximize returns.

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Constant Optimization

With the help of data and automated rules, we cut lossy ads fast and double down on highest return ads so you can rest assured advertising dollars are well spent every single day.

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Scaling Methodologies

When winning ads are found, we make sure they are scaled quickly so you can reap the sales revenue from those successful as soon as possible so you can accomplish your business goals.

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Simple Reporting

We provide all our clients with an easy to read and understand KPI dashboard accessible at any time so you can stay up to date with results, returns and insights.

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Get a media buying specialist to audit your current lead generation strategy and provide valuable insights into how to improve your return on investment quickly.

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    Benchmarks & Expectations

    Our lead generation systems combined with the expertise of our team is sure to produce the results you’ve always wished and hoped for. You can expect to:

    Our goal is to convert as many ad viewers as possible and maximize sales consistently.
    Reduce your cost per lead by 20 to 50% over the first two weeks
    Increase in revenue by at least 50% up to 300% from advertising
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    Multi-Channel Lead Generation

    We cater to all needs and budgets so you can start simple and grow into a multi-channel lead generation system.

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    Facebook & Instagram

    The most common lead generation channel for all businesses to be active on.

    • Three Stage Campaigns
    • Target & Persona Testing
    • Constant Optimization
    • AI Creative Testing
    • Budget Maximization
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    Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads

    A lead generation suite to put your business across main channels to maximize yields.

    • All Included In Previous Plan
    • Search Network Ads
    • Display Network Ads
    • YouTube Video Ads
    • Multi-Channel Retargeting
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    Facebook, Instagram, Google & Linkedin Ads

    The omni-channel lead generation plan to make sure your business is on every platform.

    • All Included In Previous Plan
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Platform Yield Maximization
    • Omni-channel Retargeting

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