Your Manual To The Instagram Feed Algorithm 

In June 2016, Instagram announced that it would change its algorithm to show first-hand user content — regardless of when it was posted. This could make it harder for social media marketers to see organic Instagram posts, since the majority of users lack 70 percent of their feed content.

Instagram followed up in 2018, shortly after Facebook began prioritising posts by friends and families of users. The algorithms began to give less priority to brands and publicity.

But naturally engaged brand posts can sometimes overturn these algorithms. Some factors affect the ranking of the Instagram feed for a post, and one of them is the number of likes and comments a post has received. Here is what’s important for an Instagram user feed classification:

  • The number of the comments and likes of a post
  • If this user has previously interacted with your content
  • What you posted recently

The more people like and comment on a post, the more likely it’ll be on the Explorer tab, where users who aren’t already following can check out your popular content. If your organic posts get engagements by your followers, it creates a positive feedback loop for you.

There are a few things you have to do before we go into strategies for attracting engagement:

Make Your Account Public, Not Private

Make sure you find new followers by opening your account. Tap the Settings Icon in the top right corner to your profile and turn the Private Account button to Off. Use the Profile button.

Activate push notifications

So that you can respond quickly to or like the comments of your followers. Remember, the higher your content is in their feeds, the more users interact with your account.

Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner to your profile, tap Push Notification Settings and select which Instagram actions to notify you want.

Make Your Content Attractive

People won’t comment on uninteresting content, so invite one team member to manage Instagram contents planning and editing, but open it up to one larger team to source various photos, videos and ideas to maintain your Instagram feeds fresh and interesting.

Develop a publishing calendar on Instagram

Figure out a cadenza that works for you on Instagram – and we advise you not to post more than once a day. Please remember, timing is an algorithm factor, so you don’t want messages from the day before to get lost. To keep track of what you post across other Social Platforms, download our social media contents calendar, so that you are not repetitive and cover all of your basics.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get more commentary (and likes) on Instagram in strategies.

Now That We Have These Out Of The Way, Here Are 13 Of The Best Methods To Get More Comments On Instagram

Host A Competition Or Give Out Bonuses

A fun and easy way to get followers to comment on your posts is to host an Instagram contest. You could post the contest on Instagram and ask users to enter your post by commenting. You could create a week-long campaign to make your contest a daily comment. You can even incorporate UGC content and request followers to post their own photos and tag/mark your brand in the post.

Try out Instagram Takeovers

Next in your manual to the Instagram feed algorithm is Instagram takeovers. A fun way to get fresh content and work with fellow workers and influencers from your Instagram. They are also an intelligent way to generate more engagement to your posts.

Takeover includes one Instagram user who usually takes over feeds for one day and publishes them from their point of view. Takeovers are often made by:

A fellow Member

An influencer

Another company in your business

These takeovers help generate more comments in general whether or not it takes place on your account or not


Take-overs are a win-win for the hosts and guests.

Simply Request Users To Comment On Your Posts.

One easy way to get more comments from Instagram is to ask.

Post Instagram content that allows users to share and invite them to reply to a question or mark friends and colleagues in their mentions. It is fun, easy, and it helps you to get more comments. You can also talk to your audience.

Post a funny, surprising or provocative piece.

Your manual to the Instagram feed algorithm recommends posting content that triggers a reaction. Research has shown some of the most viral moments of the internet that caused high-rise emotions according to a study of what makes content viral. The most common posts were anticipatory, surprising the viewer and causing curiosity and uncertainty. There were also emotions that inspired feelings of happiness, so think about content you could share on Instagram that causes people to feel such an emotion so much so that they are forced to comment on it.

Can you say anything about a surprising fact, a happy moment, or a fascinating trend in the industry? It doesn’t have to be about your brand specifically, either – content that’s nice for a broad audience will probably attract more comment.

Implement Videos On Your Posts

Your manual to the Instagram feed algorithm also suggests using videos in your posts. Time spent watching Instagram videos rose 40% in 2016, and users may now publish videos for up to a minute. Post this fascinating content to keep the followers of Instagram from scrolling and have them constantly watching your video — and make sure that this is amazing. The public wants more entertainment— especially on social media — so if you share something compelling and ask the audience to comment on it, they will probably do so.

Use Hashtags Effectively

When you post your content with pertinent, popular hashtags in Instagram, your posts appear on the Explore tab. Actually, posts with at least one hashtag usually achieve more than 12% engagement rates. Influencers and interested users may comment organically on subjects they also want, or they may combine some of the above strategies to generate engagement.

Ask followers how they had #SundayFunday, acknowledge #ThrowbackThursday, or take part in the conversation using one of hundreds of hashtags for your business or content.

Have a good posting schedule

Most importantly according to your manual to the Instagram feed algorithm is to post during peak times. There is plenty of discussion about the best times of the day to post on social media because the reply depends on your industry, your supporters and the type of content that you post.

Our best advice is to test your Instagram engagement rates, and to determine your schedule based on the results, at several times during the week.

Whether it’s bright and early on Monday morning or later in the afternoon, try finding out when your followers will stop and leave a comment each day to maximise your post’ involvement. To track schedules and results, use a calendar of content in social media.

Add A Human Element To Your Posts

Face it – selfies are fun. And they are also good for your Instagram strategy, as it turns out.

An analysis of Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs in more than 1 million Instagram posts found that posts with a human face are 32% more likely to attract comments — and 38% more likely to gain likes.

There’s no telling why this is the case, but the researchers suspected it’s partly because the faces are effective nonverbal communications sources that people react to – even as children.

Make sure that your audience knows the human side of your brand, post Instagram content with selfies, group shots, and candid pictures.

Upload some cute animal pics

There’s not much research to support this one, but there’s no disputing that social media animals are powerful. Pets have long been popular on the web, and animals that influence people on Instagram can earn as much money as people do.

If you have animals in the office or a nice picture of the coworker’s pets, you should try posting lighter and fun content on Instagram with a furry friend to see whether your audience also likes animal commentary.

Promptly Respond To All Comments

Like other forms of social media, responding to comments can provide a sense of community for your audience and make it look like you’re engaged in what your audience has to say. When users receive a comment, the comment thread could continue.

Furthermore, if others see that your account answers comments, they can also comment on your post or ask a question about your posting.

Emojis Add Life To Your Posts

In addition to hashtags, emojis will gravitate people’s eyes into your subtitles. More emojis on your caption could mean more engagements, comments and love for the entire post.

Be sure that they are meaningful for what you post and seem suitable for your business when you use emojis. Don’t overuse emojis and risk seeming unprofessional.

Frequent Posting Makes You A Friend Of The Algorithm

Like many other platforms in Social Media, posting more often will make your account stay trendy and up to date. If you post only once in a while, others in the Instagram feed may drown out your posts.

More people will see your posts if you post regularly and at optimised times of the day. More people could then follow you and ultimately comment or react to your regular posts.

Interact With Your Followers Through Q&A Sessions

Now we can host and promote Live Q&A, which can be published with specific tools, with features such as Instagram Stories and IGTV.  Be sure to publish a few standard posts to promote the meeting if you want to interview someone over a live feed.

Please ask users to comment on a question for each promotional post that they want to ask the interviewee. You may see a flood of user commentaries, depending on the interview subject. This strategy will also allow your supporters to feel as if they are directly involved in your content and contribute to it.

Engagement Is Key

Likes, commentaries and video views on Instagram are valuable because they affect the position of your posts. Furthermore, if many users interact with your posts, it will be easily discoverable on the Explore tab, so test these methods to get more engagement on Instagram.

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