Online Marketing Conversion Calculator

Online Marketing Conversion Calculator
Even if you create the best ad in the whole Internet, most people will never even take a second look at it, but frantically search for an “X” in the corner. Or they may never see it at all, with the advent of adblockers. Only some will click on the ad, but that doesn’t mean you have them in your pocket! Most of them will leave your website and never come back. Some will become potential customers, interested in your product. That’s not the end of the funnel, though – not all them will decide to purchase your product and become actual customers.

Our calculator lets you determine the amount of people at each stage of the funnel. You need to make a few assumptions for it to work, though:
  • Impressions: number of views of your ad. Every time a website with your ad is loaded, you get one impression.

  • CTR (click-through-rate): percentage of impressions that lead to a click. For example, if your CTR is 5%, then that means that 1 of every 20 people who see this ad is intrigued enough to click on it and visit your website.

  • Visits: actual number of visits on your website (generated by impressions). This number will be calculated automatically.

  • Visits to leads: percentage of visits that result in leads (potential sales contracts). For instance, visits to leads ratio of 10% means that every tenth person who visits your website is interested in your product.

  • Leads: absolute number of leads. This number will be calculated automatically.

  • Leads to customers: percentage of leads that result in someone purchasing your product, that is the lead has become a customer.

  • Customers: the very bottom of the marketing funnel – number of people who were so interested in your product that they decided to buy it. This number will be calculated automatically.