How Top Brands Are Getting High Engagement

With the organic reach of Facebook decreasing over the last few years, many companies struggle to gain new supporters and grow their customer base.

However, your reach and your Facebook posts still have a way of gaining more traction. Everything depends on your commitment to Facebook.

Engagement is a metric used by Facebook to determine whether or not people like your content. It’s just that simple. This measurement is based on people’s interactions with your posts: reactions, comments, shares, etc.

And since Facebook does its best to display people’s content, post interaction is the one metric that tells us the algorithm of Facebook who wants to see what.

As more companies are constantly flooding Facebook with content, the contest gets stronger by the day and you have to work hard to achieve your desired Facebook participation rate.

For this reason, we have chosen to offer several tips to help you increase your participation in posts, reach a broader public organically and finally increase your customer base.

What is post interaction on Facebook?

The action that people take on your page can be  simply defined. This can mean that you react, comment or share your posts. Facebook engagement also shows if users interact and enjoy your content and if the interactions that you want are regular.

Facebook has great respect for commitment and uses it as one of the key metrics that dictate your content’s reach. The algorithm on Facebook keeps track of your posts and extends or reduces your organic reach based on these user interactions.

This is part of the user experience strategy of Facebook and you see the results yourself: Every day, how do you like Facebook content?

Why is it so important to Facebook?

You can use Facebook advertising to increase your posts to a wider audience, but wouldn’t it  be nice to achieve the same results without paying for them?

For many businesses, organic reach is supreme and Facebook being the greatest social media platform out there can bring your company to a whole new level by increasing your Facebook reach. But Facebook has a highly competitive field, and post engagement is key to gaining your desired organic reach.

The more feedback, shares and clicks your posts gain, the more people see it on their Facebook feeds. Therefore you have to create posts that evoke an emotion and affect them to the extent that they react to them.

Committed and enthusiastic fans tend to like, comment and share posts that interest them. Facebook’s algorithm recognises highly active posts and increases them in news feeds for users. This can include people who do not even follow your website, which means that prospective customers will increase without additional costs. Who would not want that?

Furthermore, there is a lot more to Facebook’s commitment. One is to create social evidence. The more people get into contact with your brand, the more confident it is in the eyes of potential customers. Moreover, greater commitment means that you are more sensitive to the brand and, above all, your ultimate goal is that a dedicated audience can convert and turn into customers.

13 ways to enhance Facebook post interaction 

  • It’s about your supporters, not you.
  • Get to know your success stories
  • Write posts people want to share
  • Show the personality of your brand
  • Emojis add personality
  • Making use of content created by fans 
  • Ask questions
  • Use images that captivate. Make your videos creative 
  • Make your contributions live
  • Use the stories feature on Facebook
  • Post at the ideal times 
  • Get verified
  • Boost your posts on Facebook

It’s about your supporters, not you.

It is a common error for brands to focus on their own content instead of their supporters. You should understand the content that is most interesting for your audience, because that will inevitably lead them to become clients.

Should you have just been constantly posting ice cream content, for instance, if you’re an ice cream shop? The reply is no. It is only possible to post so much about your business without repetition and coldness of your content.

Your Facebook fans are who your content should be because they react to your posts at the end of the day. Your fans are here because they’re YOUR fans

They exist to enjoy what your business provides and your content. That doesn’t mean, however, that they want to hear you all day long. When you begin to incorporate this idea into your content, it becomes more realistic for you to keep your fans around.

An example can be the use of and incorporation of real-world events, such as highlights in sports and current events. You can also use your posts with statistics or interesting data to keep your content fascinating and to encourage discussion among your fans. For example, “work at home reduces stress and about 24 percent of people a month report being more happy when they work at home.”

Get to know your success stories

You may be able to respond to increasing your Facebook engagement. You may have a post with lots of pleasures, comments and shares. So why not analyse this post to find out how much involvement it has got and to use as a basis in the future when creating posts?

Your most popular items provide your audience with training, entertainment and an experience. You want to be relevant to your audience, and it is difficult for people to keep up for a long time now.

You might have created an education post, for example, a step by step guide on how to change a light bulb, or maybe a funny meme to make your fans laugh. It may also resound with your audience, such as a post that has a donation link to save the Arctic.

Write posts people want to share

Facebook is a social network, meaning that people exchange content with it, right? So why not take advantage of that and create posts that users want to share with friends?

Users tend to share posts directly with them and encourage them to return. They are, however, less likely to share and participate in posts that are 100% marketing. Although you must promote the services and goods of your company, you must do so in a way as to make your followers feel valued.

 Examples of the types of posts are:  “breaking news” educational posts or fun and entertaining posts that often attract people. This is because when you see a post that stands out you tend to stop scrolling.

It should also be noted that users tend to share original content rather than what they have previously shared. You should therefore create authentic content that remains true to your brand and that is unique to the previous posts on Facebook.

Show the personality of your brand

Companies often sound too professional when they try to show an impressive corporate image. While introducing your products and services is important, social media has different rules for other channels. That is why many brand posts are boring and don’t contribute to their Facebook commitment.

Your audience will, however, become more aware of the personality of your brand. This makes your brand special and enables your followers to feel comfortable with your company.

So, how are you able to do that?

Keep in line with the content and message type your brand sends. Ensure that you keep the same voice brand even when your company and your content team are growing.

Prove the values of your company and show what you stand for. This distinguishes your brand from competition and builds confidence like nothing else.

Show your team. You probably have spent a lot of time forming an employee team which will succeed in your business. So why not show them and show people who they are inside? This is an excellent way to build confidence and empathy.

There are unique aspects of your company that first and foremost attract clients to your business. Make use of these aspects and demonstrate the personality of your business.

Emojis add personality

This may seem obvious or trivial, but emojis make a big difference. They help to express emotions and transmit a clear message that resonates easily with your audience. Emojis, as they speak an international language, also break the language and cultural barriers.

Emojis are immediately taken into account in your posts. These small icons make your text live immediately. They must therefore be part of your marketing strategy for Facebook.

Making use of content created by fans 

Using fan-generated content or UGCs can create an unrivalled edge for your company while increasing your organic reach. If you’re looking for long-term growth for your business, you need to increase your organic reach.

In addition, it may provide fans with an incentive to continue creating content for your brand if they see their content used on your page and may even encourage other Facebook users to check out your page. In addition, they can post this content to their website and make it accessible to more fans.

Fans tend to engage in authentic and unique content, which is the essence of UGC. This type of content has been reported to be more insightful than content regularly generated, because the content seems to be more credible for people unfamiliar with your company.

In addition, user-generated content often looks as if your friends had posted something. 

Therefore, instead of posting anything the brand would be more likely to engage with it

Your audience doesn’t have new user-generated content. But your business could be new to user-generated content understanding and leveraging. This helps you to make your posts and content fully committed.

Ask questions

People love to talk if you give them the chance. It is common knowledge. Questions asked by your fans tend to stimulate interaction and encourage them to think more about your page. To increase the engagement with your posts, you can ask your fans various types of questions:

Closed questions: such types of questions require a simple yes or no answer, which is obviously easy for many people, since it takes very little effort to find a reply. One example could be “Did you see today’s product or service?”

Open question: the fan needs to think a little deeper and spend time going beyond the yes or no answer to answers to open questions. If your fans take the time to answer such questions, they usually value your business.

Brand-oriented questions: questions relating to your brand are also helpful. These kinds of questions help connect you to your fans and allow fans to become more enthusiastic about your brand.

Questions based on images: questions based on images are a simple but efficient way to get your viewers to interact with your content. Visual content often gets more engagements. It’ll help you distinguish yourself from the competition by using an image with your question.

Ask for views: this allows people to begin a discussion of a subject that you have submitted. For example, it is common to share links and blog posts. However, people are more likely to contact the post when you add a question to these links. These questions must not be complicated, they simply relate to the article or the link that you have shared.

Use images that captivate.

Questions based on images: questions based on images are a simple but efficient way to get your viewers to interact with your content. Visual content often gets more involved. You’ll help you distinguish from the competition by using an image with your question.

Ask for views: this allows people to begin a discussion of a subject that you have submitted. For example, it is common to share links and blog posts. However, people are more likely to contact the post when you add a question to these links. These questions must not be complicated, they simply relate to the article or the link that you have shared.

Facebook articles with an image have a greater involvement than articles with no image. It can be a fast and simple process since all you need is a photograph of your product or service by your mobile devices. Your fans can see what your business is producing first-hand.

However, you have a better chance to get involved if you have the resources to create high-quality images.

Nevertheless, there are many solutions available if you do not have the resources to create new images for your posts. For instance, Sparkle offers you an unlimited graphic design which meets your business needs.

Make your contributions live

Wait until you try to use live videos if you think images improve engaging your posts. No doubt in recent years, video advertisements have been taking over the world of online content, and most marketers argue that this format is significantly better than static images. Like the photographs, your mobile phone can make Facebook videos, making them easy to post.

Furthermore, Facebook live broadcasting is an immediate way of connecting your public as part of your engagement strategy. There are plenty of reasons for you to go live on your website at all times. You can do it, for example, if you are interested in promoting a new service or a product or even just say “Hey” to fans. The live streaming allows you to communicate directly by clicking on a button with your followers.

Why don’t you try it then? The next time you want to interact with your fans, get creative and live stream.

Post at the ideal times 

The idea is to publish when most people, especially Facebook, are active in social media. In this way, you can make sure your post is not missed because it wasn’t online. If you post when your viewers are online, you are more likely to see an increase in engagement.

You could be in situations where you are not online and cannot post on the best days and at the best times, which is an important reason to plan your posts. Thus, it will help you avoid this problem by preparing your posts in advance for these particular times.

Scheduling posts is also very helpful in creating bulk content, which is better than creating single posts. For example, you can schedule a whole month of content in advance. It can reduce the pressure, because you may not always have the time to create high-quality content and post it immediately when the time comes.

And what’s the time right? Hard issue.

Many blogs have tried to address this issue and the results of their research were different:

Buffer states that between 1-3 p.m. during the week and on Saturdays is the best time to post on Facebook.

Hubspot said that Thursday to Sunday at 9 a.m., 11-12 p.m., or 3-14 p.m., is the right time for posting on Facebook.

Sprout Social, by contrast, has written on Wednesday at 11 a.m. and 1 to 12 p.m. that Facebook engagement peaks. 

Generally speaking, Tuesday-Thursday is the best time for industry-wide posting between 8 and 3 pm, according to SproutSocial.

Note: all the above times are in EST or CST, since most of the US population are covered by these time zones.

Moreover, given the increasing competition on Facebook and content overflowing, the best time can be the worst. Probably all of your competitors target the same times and days. It will be more difficult for you to pull in.

The solution is to rely on your own information. Facebook Page Insights shows all of your previous posts accurately. You can find out exactly when you get the best results with your content if you analyse it and learn from your expertise.

Furthermore, you can use the feature called “When Your Fans Are Online” if your page has lots of followers. This informs you about your fans’ activity levels during the week, which helps you post when they are most active.

Scheduling your posts and keeping your audience consistent makes it possible for you to expect your content and ensure that you are most committed.

Use the stories feature on Facebook

Stories are a great way to share content without having to overwhelm the newsfeed of your viewer. Facebook stories are at the top of your news feed, similar to Instagram’s. This place is great because when you look at your newsfeed, it is the first thing you see. You can take snapshots at this time, as stories allow you to become more personal.

Facebook stories is a relatively new feature, which is why most companies are not well-versed in it. You can then distinguish yourself from the others by using stories and overwhelm an area that is not yet overflowing.

Building a strong relationship with your spectators is essential to enhance Facebook participation. So be creative and enjoy your stories, as your viewers will love to see fun content.

Get verified

With the checked symbol on your Facebook page next to your name, people are more likely to interact with your content.

If you see this blue check mark next to the name of your company, you know your business is confident. This fine badge tells them that you and your brand received recognition by Facebook. This makes them more likely to respect you and get involved in your company.

It may not be easy to verify your account on Facebook, as Facebook carefully examines which companies to verify. It is certainly worth the distress however.

Boost your posts on Facebook

In Facebook, you can boost your posts and upload them on newsfeed for more people and thus increasing their reach and ultimately their involvement. Boosting a post generates an ad for a page.

In just a few simple steps, you can boost your post:

  • Go to your page on Facebook.
  • Choose the post you would like to boost. It could be whatever you want.
  • In the bottom right corner of your post, click on “Boost Post.”
  • Complete your ad with the right information. The images and text of your post are automatically used by Facebook. You can however specify the duration of your audience, the amount of time the ad should be active and the payment method you prefer (due to certain characteristics like gender, demographics or location), and your budget.
  • Click on “Boost” once you are done, and your post gets boosted.

Facebook advertising is important to every company and should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Advertising must coincide with your activity in social media as you should aim to organically increase your reach and use paid advertising.

To Summarize

Your top priority should be to improve your content to make it appeal to your public. It does not simply facilitate your distinguishing content, but helps you reach more people organically, making sure it is important to them.

The number of users of Facebook is growing every day. It can therefore be hard to create unique and authentic content. So it’s one of the fastest ways to grow your fan and client base to work on your content to get your target audience noticed.

Your commitment is, however, not just a rapid solution. You should spend your time building quality-over-quantity Facebook content for your audience. In this way, the chances of users using your content will inevitably be increased.

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