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How We Increased Their ROAS & Sales In The First 60 Days

Lemon Jelly came to us with a problem, they were tired of all the freelancers, media buying and in-house staff issues. We were able to portray their brand image just how they wanted, while also going beyond the ROAS they expected

Client: Lemon Jelly

Product Line: Lemon Scented Shoes

Best Revenue Before: $4,400 per month

New Record Revenue: $17,400 per month

Project Commencement Date: February, 2020

Project Completion Date: Ongoing


We wanted to drive more traffic to their website, yet also maintain their brand personality. Their unique selling point helped make the ads more unique.


We wanted to increase their ROAS. A problem they were facing was diminishing returns during the winter months. We were able to make the brand more relevant year round.


By testing creatives, copy, audiences and landing pages; we were able to narrow down on the best combinations to produce the highest ROAS and most profit.


The ads were timed and changed according to seasonal interest, we showcased sandals during spring and only promoted boots during the winter.



We used our proprietary advertising strategy to go beyond their expectations. Boosting their ROAS while putting their brand in front of interested customers.



The biggest challenge with fashion brands is often seasonality, to alleviate this we gradually transitioned into spring collections while transitioning out of the winter collections in order to maintain sales and combat diminishing ROAS on winter collection ads.



We created a variety of creatives, copy, landing pages and ads dedicated to finding the best match for the brands target audience, eventually narrowing it down to the best lead generating strategy.



We were able to reach 2.08 ROAS in March for 7k in sales ,increasing to 2.45 ROAS in April for 17.4K in sales. A huge difference than the initial state of the brand, 1.28 ROAS in February for 4.4k in sales.

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