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How We Scaled This Sports Jersey Brand To $100k per Month in Less Than 60 Days

Jersey Loco decided on scaling their e-commerce store with our service. We were able to multiply their sales by over 5 times within the first 60 days. Increasing their ROAS

Client: Jersey Loco

Product Line: Soccer Jerseys

Best Revenue Before: $18,000 per month

New Record Revenue: $118,000 per month

Project Commencement Date: February, 2020

Project Completion Date: Ongoing

 Project URL: https://jerseyloco.com/


We needed to create the process necessary to reach cold customers, turning them into loyal customers to the store. All while minimizing sales waste.


We had to deal with the hot competition between e-commerce stores, finding a unique attraction that the audience felt the need to check out.


We used our optimized lead generation funnel to get their store in front of their potential target audience. Through facebook ads.


By employing our proprietary advertising strategy, we were able to get the store in front of high budget customers and lead them through our optimized sales funnel.



Instead of promoting top products and sending potential customers to a best sellers page, we started showcasing specific team jerseys that would appeal to individuals who are their fans. 


Generating hype for the store was proving difficult when we were advertising products as a whole. We overcame the challenge by advertising for specific teams and sending clicks to collections related to the advertisement.



We used our optimized sales funnel to gather as many potential customers as possible while reducing wasted advertising.



We were successful in getting the e-commerce store in front of cold leads, turning them into loyal shoppers. Boosting their sales from 18,000 per month to 110,000 per month within the first 60 days.

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