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How We Generated $70,000 per Month Within The First 30 Days

When working with Cuir Dimitri, we succeeded in  better designing their online store selling luxury jackets. We drove traffic to the site through specially crafted social media ads.

Client: Cuir Dimitri

Product Line: Luxury Jackets

Best Revenue Before: $5,000 per month

New Record Revenue: $70,000 per month

Project Commencement Date: April, 2020

Project Completion Date: Ongoing


We wanted to drive more traffic towards their website and increase conversion rate.


Their main boom in sales came during holiday periods, we wanted to turn their brand into a year round attraction.


We decided on advertising high budget jackets that appealed to people with lower quality jackets who want a stylish yet warm alternative. As well as presenting them with an amazing offer: huge discounts on high ticket items.


We redesigned their website to appeal more to high budget customers, that way when potential customers clicked on our social media ads they were able to easily find what they were looking for.



We used social media ads to generate hype around their luxury jackets while redesigning their website to appeal more to high budget customers.


Consistently generating sales outside of holiday periods was the main challenge. We were able to solve the issue through custom crafted social media ads designed to lead potential customers through our optimized sales funnel and an amazing offer which allowed us to consistently maintain a ROAS above 4.



By optimizing their website to appeal more to high budget customers and by creating highly appealing ad creatives we were able to exponentially increase their sales.



Using our optimized lead generation strategy, we multiplied their sales from 5,000 sales per month to 70,000 sales per month within the first 30 days.

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